Moving Sucks

…That about sums it up.

Moving wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have to pack everything, unpack, then repeat the packing process again a week from now. For some reason beyond stupidity, we can’t stay at the house for another week. We also can’t move into our new house immediately. Instead, we’re stuck in limbo for a week (at least). As nice as the place I’m staying now is, it royally sucks not being able to move into the new home as soon as possible. Especially when it’s just a minute or two away…

Moving wouldn’t be too bad if our new house had more redeemable qualities. Sure, I’m a few minutes walk away from carry-out pizza, but that’s the only real positive. We’re actually farther away from Harrisonburg now (which means I’m farther away from school, both now and for college, and mom’s farther away from work). Sure, the road is faster but it’s also worse, congestive and farther away from the city. Really, the only person benefiting from this ordeal is my brother. He’ll be closer to town and his friends but at the expense of everyone else.

And mom wonders why I want to move out of the house so badly. So I can pay for my own necessities and be closer to school?

Oh, and if spring fever is a disease, I caught it. Yay. I’m also typing this on a Mac and it’s almost unbearable. Double yay.

And people wonder why I “love” this time of year.

You know, I’ve never understood all these elaborate tortures. It’s the simplest thing, to cause more pain than a man can endure…and of course, it’s not only the immediate agony, but the knowledge that if you do not yield soon enough, there will be little left to identify you as a man. The only question remains: Will you yield…in time?

2 thoughts on “Moving Sucks

  1. I feel bad for you when it comes to the moving part. Packing and unpacking sucks so much ass, especially since you said you’ll be moving again after that.
    I’ve moved more than 11 times in my life and we’re gonna be moving in a couple of months again. So I pretty much know what you’re going through. Although I actually like moving! I love being in the new place and getting used to it and everything. I just prefer my mom to do the packing and unpacking part of it all.


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