A Grim Tale: The Continuing Adventures of Myshiou Grim

Still falls the rain in the veils of darkness that shroud the blackened trees. Lightning echoes throughout Chetwood on the outskirts of Bree as a quartet of figures gather in a circle. Two of the figures place a corpse in the middle of a forest clearing. Another flash of lightning provides some brief illumination of the people and the blood-drenched skeleton. A longsword is still sheathed to the heap of clothed bones, as if the blade is bonded to the remains of the great warrior Myshiou Grim.

Myshiou was killed in battle just over three years ago. Adventuring with the elven witch Legiodith the Blue, the often drunk woman ranger Sandy, and a beautiful young girl known only as Pirate; the group was attacked near Amon Hen by a collection of uruk-hai and orcs. Myshiou fought valiantly for his friends’ safety, at the cost of his own life. The women journeyed back to Bree, in hopes of reviving him. They only knew one person capable of such powerful magic: the black wizard Coby.

Unfortunatly, such magic was beyond that of Coby the Black. He knew the spell but did not have the power to cast it. So began the quest to find a means to revive their fallen comrade. Legiodith, Pirate, and Sandy have spent the past three years of their life delving into ruins and mountains in search of diamonds to serve as the spell’s material component. In the meantime, Coby traveled abroad for someone capable of casting the spell. He also studied the ritual itself, should his search be a vain one.

After three years of hard work, the quartet have gathered to see if their efforts will bear fruit.

Coby produces a diamond-encrusted staff from his flowing, black robe. His towering, dark, pointy hat makes him a menacing figure in the equally intimidating weather. He maneuvers the staff in strange ways to the eyes of his companions, with a hint of nervousness in each movement and his brown eyes. He’s never practiced such a spell on this magnitude before and the slightest deviation from the prescribed ritual could have dire consequences.

While Coby performs the spell, the three women stand and wait. Myshiou died protecting them, they could at least greet him upon his return. Sandy sits down on a barrel of ale she bought and fills her mug. She sits on the barrel and sips, eyes fixed on Myshiou’s skeleton. The minutes pass by and slowly, but surely, Myshiou’s body regains form. The bones turn white before being enveloped in skin. Legiodith and Pirate smile at their good fortune, while Sandy prepares to tackle Myshiou when he returns. Myshiou’s body levitates as his soul slowly returns to him.

All appears to be going well before a brilliant flash of light jettisons from Myshiou’s body, too bright to be mere lightning. All express puzzlement but Coby is especially surprised. After all, texts detailing the spell’s ritual never said anything about this. The diamond staff continues to move, following the ritual but the light doesn’t dissipate. A thunderous boom echoes in the sky, summoning the caws of many neighboring ravens. The light dispels, but so does the group’s hope. While the strange light has dissolved, so has Myshiou’s body.

The long black night goes on and on, yet the quartet still stand in the woods, frozen to their spots in astonishment in the still falling rain.

However, Myshiou’s story is still just beginning.


This is the D&D campaign with my brother that’s finally getting off the ground.  We played for a little bit last night, but here’s the background that precedes the first session.  Based on some roleplaying sessions we used to participate in online, though this one didn’t happen.  Myshiou did die protecting those three girls and I did agree to resurrect him, but this scene here…we didn’t do that.

Oh, and if my brother has an idea for a better title, he’s more than welcome to suggest it.

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