Upside-Down Kingdom

…is right.

Anyway, I’m reading some horrible book for kingdom living.  Right now, the (main) issue I’m having with the book is whether the kingdom of heaven was supposed to come before Jesus’ death, afterwards, in the Second Coming, or both before and after.  The author takes the approach that the kingdom of heaven transcends our human understanding of time.

In other words, he cops out and says “none of the above”.

I disagree with all of the points.  The kingdom didn’t come during the time of Jesus, it didn’t come afterwards, the Second Coming has yet to happen (and thus, be proven), and the “the kingdom came before and after” choice is just a huge cop-out.

I just don’t get why there’s so many viewpoints on something that’s (supposedly) so important.  When God made covenants throughout the Jewish Bible, he didn’t hide the meanings cryptically or contradict them.  He made them quite clear what the contents of the covenant were and when they would take hold.  The kingdom’s arrival isn’t so obvious.

Or maybe I’m just not so smart and someone can point out whatever it is I’m missing.

The fundamental principles
Say nothing of forever
But those are voices that I hear
Or I’m just not so clever

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