Heaven and Hell

No, this isn’t related to kingdom living…thank God…

Instead, this applies to a small audience (and I mean, small).  Instead, this has to do with the Black Sabbath reunion.  The lineup that brought us Mob Rules and Dehumanizer is back.  This isn’t exactly “news”, the reunion was announced quite some time ago.  Tour dates were just announced (although there mostly Canadian), so this is somewhat current.

Anyway, as a Sabbath fan, I’m excited.  A Sabbath reunion that’s producing new material?  Awesome!  Tour dates for the States haven’t been announced yet, but I’m definitely going.  Hell, if I had known about New York, I’d have shelled out money for that event.  It’d beat going to school…*sigh*  Oh well…

Just one thing about the name.  The band’s going under the moniker “Heaven and Hell” but the fans know it’s Black Sabbath, and that’s what I’m going to call them.  Legally, they’re Heaven and Hell, but the fans will say Black Sabbath.  I’m going to do the same.

Rock on!

There’s another side of Heaven
This way – to technical paradise
Find it on the other side
When the walls fall down

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