What’d Ya Do!?

The past two days have been…eventful.

Let’s start with the government “exam”.  Awesome…for the most part.  I love government, my hands-down favorite class of the year.  Our “exam” was essentially a simulation of the election process, starting from the primaries.  Great exercise, just marred by a few things.

I liked how the Presidential candidates acted like true politicians:  people who say things in order to get votes.  Out of 6 people, 2/3 of them said “they were moderate, but had strong stances on certain issues.”  People don’t like politicians who take extreme stances, so it’s a good thing to be a moderate.  Helps a person get elected.  However all the people who said they were moderates forgot one thing….moderates don’t take sides.  If a person is a moderate, they don’t say something like,” I’m strongly against reducing the military.”  Moderates don’t pander to the extremes.  The candidates should of said they were libertarians or communitarians, but they wouldn’t have gotten as many votes.

Actually, they might have.  Majority of those candidates said the same thing.  “I’m moderate.”  Be unique, say something different.  “I’m a Democrat.”  “I’m a Republican.”  “I’m a libertarian.”  “I’m a fascist.”  “I’m a communist.”  When there are four people saying the exact same thing, then the whole process boils down to a popularity contest.

Other than that gripe…and Jordan winning (I lost $245 because of that…why would anyone be for reducing the size of the military by 25%, but then increase NATO funding and military aid to Middle East allies?  That’d be like giving someone 75% of zero…), it was a good exercise.  Hell, it was better than taking an exam.

After that wonderful event, I hung around Drew, Dustin, and the two Matts.  Gabe had a old school game party later on and we all went to that (Drew and Matt W. appearing for limited intervals).  The “old school” part should be paraphrased because I brought all my last-gen consoles.  Deaner told me to bring Halo.  I thought “why segregate?” and brought not only my Xbox, but my PS2, GameCube and a ton of games for all of them.  We only ended up playing Halo 2 and Guitar Hero 2 out of the lot but that’s good enough.

We also played some older games on the Nintendo 64 and watched Dustin blaze through Sonic 1, 2 and some of 3 on the Genesis.  Dustin’s a helluva gamer.  We also watched Tommy Boy sometime in there, which is a pretty good movie.

I’d write more, but wasting time calls.


3 thoughts on “What’d Ya Do!?

  1. coby….its been a while. i almost forgot xanga existed. but i have to say, im very impressed that you keep this up :)i do have to mention tho i disagree with the whole government being “handsdown” the favorite class. i have a problem with that…..haha. but who am i to call the shots. keep up the good work!


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