Twilight Princess

After a week of playing, I’ve conquered Twilight Princess.  Hooray.  Yes, it’s nostalgic.  However, it’s still a great game and shows great promise of what’s to come in the Zelda series.  A series that’s been in sharp decline since The Wind Waker.  If I were to review it, I’d give it…a 9.2 out of 10.

The game borrows a bit much from it’s predecessors (A Link to the Past notably, followed by Ocarina of Time).  This is good, since they’re both mighty fine games.  I guess they didn’t stray too far for the Wii version.  Maybe the Wii’s controls were innovative enough?  Still, some more originality would have been nice (though the Spinner is quite cool).

D&D this Friday…if I can ever sit myself down to type up the adventure (opposed to just winging it).  There’s ideas and drafts but not much else.  Add school work I need to finish up tomorrow and…yeah.

Oh, and new year.  That means new problems.  New challenges.  New responsibilities.  …Graduation!

I’d say more about last year, but looking at the major news headline…last year was too depressing.  I remember something Elwood told us in world history (or was it world cultures?).  He said that he believed people throughout history have always believed they were living in a time where the world was about to end.  I couldn’t agree more.

An impressive looking blade…but nothing more.

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