D&D Session II: Part 2

The trio of Lord Freman, the noble human warrior, Sigmund, the devout human acolyte, and Tharivol, the talented elf ranger arrive in the village of Diocese at sunset.  They don’t plan on going after Nebin tonight, for the wilderness isn’t an ideal place to make camp in with assassins, contract murderers, and serial killers running amok.  Besides, they can meet with Searos before facing Nebin tomorrow.

As the party makes their way to the People’s Pub, a choir sings an eerily, optimistic melody in the middle of the village square.  What follows next stuns passerbys, as they watch an advertisement acted out in the form of a play atop the mayor’s residence.

“They’re finny and funny
And oh so delish
They’re joyful and jolly
Laughing fish”

*enter Ma*
???:  (voice-over, offscreen) Say ma, wondering what to feed the family tonight?
Ma:  What’ll I feed the family tonight?
*enter ???, who is a blonde-haired, regally-dressed gnome*
???:  Yargh!  Try me famous laughing fish!  They’re smiling smelt, make a filling filet, and wreck happy havoc upon your dinner table!  Yummy yum yum!
*offers a piece of fish on a fork to Ma, she politely declines*
???:  *glowering*  Eat it!…
Ma:  *quietly* Um, Mr. Nebin, I have this little problem with fish…
*the fish is shoved in her mouth anyway*
Ma:  *surprised, turns to disgust*  Yummy yum yum…
*exit Ma*
??? (Nebin):  Yes, citizens, that’s laughing fish!  *Ma can be heard puking offstage*  Tasty, tempting, tender!  Coming to your local seafood store…as soon as that nasty, no-good Enal Clearwater of the Kraken’s Seafood Pub decides to give me my legal cut of the profits!

At this point, Tharivol is reaching for his bow.  The choir has disbanded and the village watch are questioning them.  The mayor’s residence is locked during the day, so no one can gain entrance legally in daylight hours.  This poses a problem for the village watch, but not for Tharivol and Lord Freman’s bows.  Before they can nock arrows, however, Nebin reveals his threat to the entire town.

“I hope you’ve changed your mind, Mr. Clearwater, because I haven’t changed mine!”  He puts on a lavender-colored hat and walks off stage, laughing all the while.

While stunned by Nebin’s sudden appearance in the village, the trio still considers Searos the primary objective.  They congregate at one of the table’s in the People’s Pub  The plan?  Murder Searos, no questions asked.  The party plans an ambush and go about planning the scenario out.  Lord Freman will wait up in the room for Searos, while Tharivol and Sigmund will wait downstairs for Searos to enter.

The plan is interrupted, when a guard approaches the table Sigmund and Tharivol occupy.

D&D is going to get a little bit rocky over the next few weeks/months.  We’re getting a new house (allegedly) and mom’s trying to sell my two, favorite cats.  I don’t trust her.  I can come home from a D&D session and have both of my cats gone.  Yeah, not going to happen.  She’d do anything for cash.


Shame.  We barely got to know each other.
I know where you keep your gun.  So, is that something?

3 thoughts on “D&D Session II: Part 2

  1. Very nice. I would be interested in Gears Of War. Blake and them have it. that would be awesome. Ya. D&D will be rocky but it should work out. It intrigues me that Brent is suddenly interested. Well this entry was good.
    Lord Freeman

  2. God I WISH I could have my own apartment.
    I dont want to leave the rest of my family. just my dad.
    and thats not hypocritical. it’s fine. just sucks.
    do you know where you want to go to school?


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