From Running Spirit

I don’t go to my locker very often.  Lucky for me (?) there was a surprise waiting for me today…

I open my locker, placing my sociology book in there until later that day.  Carrying 20 lbs. of books around isn’t heavy, it’s just annoying.  Since I’m not using my sociology book anytime soon, I figured I’d store it.  Usually, I open my locker and there’s nothing there.  Just emptyness.  Today was different.  I find this packet with a cookie in it, addressed to me and from a person called “Running Spirit.”

Of course, I’m happy that I have something.  People rarely do anything with my locker (not complaining, just making a note).  I pocket this bagged cookie in hopes for a good lunch later on.  Then it hits me…who’s Running Spirit and how do they know my locker number, name, etc.?  Are they are a close friend?  Native American?  Secret assassin who’s trying to plot my downfall?  …Secret admirer (wishful thinking)?

Anyway, I ate the cookie later (delicious).  It shouldn’t matter who this person is, but my curiosity says otherwise.  Who and why…who and why…  I have some guesses but I’ll stop making myself look like a completely paranoid jackass now.

I’m happy and grateful and everything, but still, it’s pretty damn weird to get a random gift from an equally random person.  It was a delicious cookie, though…

Note: after administering the back breaker, your victim won’t be able to walk, so you may get cited for littering if you leave him lying in the street.

3 thoughts on “From Running Spirit

  1. HAHA okay…i don’t know why, but the native american part made me that racist?I’ve heard about this running spirit person…kate holsopple got a note in her locker or something. THE PHANNNNTOM OF EMHSps: if the person left a note, if you show it to me i might be able to guess the handwriting!? (who knows).


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