D&D Helloween Session #2

I was going to write a nice, lengthy story but decided against it.  Instead, important notes.

November 24, 932 CE

+ The players picked up on Nebin’s trail, thanks to the halfling survivor at the fishing docks.  The halfling was intentionally left alive by Nebin to serve as a guide for anyone brave enough to follow him.  “It’s almost as if he wants a good challenge,” the halfling stated.

+ Nebin promised to kill Enal Clearwater in front of the whole town, all the while advertising his “laughing fish”.

+ The PCs did not take Nebin’s threat (or didn’t care Enal was going to die) and didn’t take any action in protecting him until a guard approached them on Mr. Clearwater’s behalf.  Only Sigmund volunteered to protect him (Lord Freman was adamant to stay behind and wait for the meeting with Searos, as did Tharivol).

November 25, 932 CE

+ At midnight, the time the guards’ shift changes, an arrow shot through the room of Mr. Clearwater’s residence.  A gas was released when the arrow made impact in the wall, and filled the entire room.  The gas only affected Mr. Clearwater, who laughed himself into unconsciousness (presumably a coma or death).

+ Searos’ meeting (the time he shows up at the People’s Pub is around midnight) had Lord Freman and Tharivol meeting up with two would-be assassins.  One was easily dispatched, while one nearly escaped.  The other assassin met up with Sigmund, and was subdued.  The assassin was taken away.

+ The People’s Pub barkeeper was really pissed at the scene of violence.  He demanded the party clean it up.  The players mentioned they were meeting “Searos” and didn’t have time to clean up.  The halfling barkeeper allowed the players to go, and began cleaning up the tavern itself.

+ Searos sent a message to the PCs, by shooting an arrow with note through an open window.  The letter was addressed to Tharivol, and told the PCs to interrogate Osboron, the halfling barkeeper.

+ Osborn provided the location to meet with Searos.  “A cave, a half-day or day south of town.  Follow the river.  Should appear before a cottage.”  Also told the PCs what Searos is doing:  harvesting an undead army.  He hires contract murderers to slay people and bring the bodies back to the People’s Pub.  Searos keeps the bodies and pays the men, then he takes the bodies back to his cave.  He also pays Osborn extra for the room, enough to keep the halfling quiet.  Some of the PCs (particularly Sigmund) expressed interest in the idea of murdering people for a necromancer.

+ The PCs followed Osborn’s directions to a cave, most likely inhabited by a bear.  Tharivol saw runes on the cavern wall.  The runes were the insignia of Fort Aspenwood.  The cavern wall “opened” for Tharivol, and the PCs preceded down the stairway.

+ Along the stairway, Tharivol recounted his family history to the party.  How his brother became really powerful and, randomly, murdered everyone one day.  His brother spared Tharivol, believing that Tharivol could become strong one day.  His brother lives to fight, and Tharivol could be a worthy challenge for him…given time.

+ Down the stairs, the trio encountered two skeletons and a zombie.  The two skeletons were the clerical couple that granted the party shelter the night this tragic web of events began.  The zombie was the assassin Lord Freman had impaled in the face, with her facial features torn all beyond recognition.  Tharivol was severely wounded in the encounter.  Surprisingly, Sigmund had to contemplate healing him.

+ Searching the lair, the PCs found 100 gold and a note from Searos detailing his plans.  He planned to attack the village tomorrow morning, but advised the PCs to stay in his lair and rest for the evening (so they could be well prepared for the encounter, and it was close to nighttime anyway).  The PCs took up on his request.

November 26, 932 CE

+ Players hurried back to Diocese in the morning, reaching the village by late afternoon.  They saw a group of guys dressed in trench coats and hats huddled outside the village.  Despite their intimidating appearance, they had the national flag of D’ourden stitched on their arms.  The group was revealed to be a force of skeletons, with the ringleader being none other than Tharivol’s brother, Soveliss!  Tharivol opted to throw a punch at his brother, but was quickly restrained.  Lord Freman and Sigmund retreated, only to meet up with a pack of hybrid werebears.

+ The hybrid werebears and PCs quickly tore the skeletons apart.  Lord Freman tried to attack Soveliss, but to no avail.  Soveliss disabled Lord Freman with four magic missiles before teleporting away.  The skeletons were destroyed and the werebears departed into the sunset.

So yeah, no exciting recount.  I might do that for creative writing, though…

And I found some music.  Might bring back the set list…

Gonna end up a big ole’ pile of them bones

2 thoughts on “D&D Helloween Session #2

  1. Very nice. You’re a good DM. Out of me, you, David and Steve, only David gave blood. Steve because of diabetes, me because of malaria, and you because it’s immoral. Its crazy.
    Lord Freeman


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