Friday the 13th D&D Part III

The party arrived in Diocese a few hours earlier, handing their would-be elf “assassin” over to the proper authorities for detention.  Before the elf murderer (he did kill Leonardo) was handed over, he surrendered a room key to the PCs.  This room key led to a room in the People’s Pub, a run-down tavern near the residence quarters of the village.  This tavern was used by Searos as a meeting place between him and his associates.  Searos would hire people to murder.  Anyone and anybody counted, as long as the body was given to Searos.  Searos would, in turn, pay good money for an effective kill.

The PCs became aware of the fish epidemic as they passed by a group of the city watch investigating a barrel full of the “laughing fish”.  The party is more curious than scared.  To the PCs, the fish do nothing more than smile.  The city watch bring them up to speed on the news, giving the PCs much-needed information (even if it was sparse) on Nebin, the notorious, mass-murdering gnome.

Before the PCs talk to Enal Clearwater, they decided to check out the People’s Pub.  Unfortunately, Searos was not in the room.  Here, the party divided for a temporary time.  Tharivol would wait in the room for Searos for a short time, before heading outside of the village to hone his combat skills.  Sigmund and Lord Freman decided to investigate the “laughing fish” epidemic.  Their first stop would be the Kraken’s Seafood Pub, the village’s seafood restaurant.

As the duo of Lord Freman and Sigmund approach the elf, they notice he’s unnerved.  Why, they don’t know, but Enal is still frightened by his encounter with Nebin an hour or so earlier.  The PCs take some time to calm down the elf.  The elf then relays his encounter with Nebin that morning, though he omits some details because he doesn’t want to recall too much of that horrid event.  Enal doesn’t talk about the threat on his life either, since the city watch will (hopefully) be able to protect them.

Sigmund looks over one of the fish while Enal tells his story.  Being a cleric, Sigmund is quite familiar with magic and is particularly skilled with spellcraft.  However, he notes that these fish have no magical properties.  Sigmund concludes that this gnome did not use magical means to alter the appearance of these fish.

“Where’s the most logical location he could poison these fish?” Sigmund asks, putting the fish down as he’s done examining it.  “Why,” Enal clears his throat,” the fishing area along the river, just north of here.”  Sigmund and Lord Freman leave, now that they have a bearing on the killer’s location.

As the adventurers leave, Enal has to wonder if he’s unknowingly leading the PCs to their deaths.  It is logical that the gnome would use the docks to poison the fish.  However, the gnome would be too easy to find and the town guard, who also probably suspect the docks as the gnome’s base of operations, have probably sent someone to investigate.  Fearing the worse, Enal leaves to notify the guards…after having one last beer for good luck (and to hope this series of unfortunate events is just a side effect of alcohol, thus he still attempts to drown his misfortunate luck).

Lord Freman and Sigmund meet up with Tharivol and journey towards the fishing grounds.  Fish is a common source of food in the area, and many villagers commercially fish in their spare time to bring food home for the family.  These fishing grounds, however, are for commercial use.  Diocese’s semi-profitable fishing industry is the result of hard-working, laboring peasants that work weekly in the plant.

Unfortunately for the PCs, they are not greeted by the sight of diligent, hard-working commoners.

Instead, the PCs come upon a grotesque scene at the docks.  Bodies of commoners lay strewn across the field, their blood soaks the soil, the river is darkened with the blood of the peasant bodies that float in the waters, the windows of the building are shattered, the door is splintered, with blood dripping down in little droplets because a body lays slain on the roof above the door.  “Yesch,” Sigmund says, describing the scene in one, fitting word.

The PCs decide to be bold and brave, entering the dock building.  Surprisingly, the scene is calmer here.  A long table lies in the center of the room, with several chairs seated around it.  On the other side of the table, opposite the PCs, is a lone halfling.  He cowers behind the table in fear, his eyes wide with whatever horror he’s experienced.  “Don’t come any closer!” he warns.

The PCs do not heed his advice, and soon pay the price.  To the amazement of the PCs, the chairs in the room suddenly come to life and begin to charge the PCs!  Tharivol and Lord Freman take hits from the chair (though Freman overcomes the damage, thanks to his scale mail armor).  Tharivol quickly catches his breath, and turns the chair into firewood with his scythe before fleeing the building.  Lord Freman and Sigmund dismantle the other chairs before heading over to the halfling…

<cue next session>

And that’s what’s happened so far.  Now, other news…

We got to see a dress rehearsal for Les Miserables at school Tuesday.  Of course, the people performed like it was an actual show.  I liked it, I loved it, and I might actually consider going to one of the shows.  I was just geninuly surprised at how well it was done.  Props to Mr. Hartzler and whoever was involved in production.  Even though everyone did great (seriously, even the extras stood out), I have to give extra props to Ian, Tucker, Marilea, Nate and Rachel (not necessarily in that order).  I still got some songs stuck in my head…much to the annoyance of whatever brain cells remain in my head.  My only criticism of the play is the second half of the play isn’t as good.  After Valjean adopts Corsette, the rest of the play feels…weak.  I could say why, but we’ll leave it at that for now.

Of course, the Coby Curse comes into effect.  If something good, enjoyable, etc. happens, something equally bad, annoying, etc. must happen afterwards (usually immediately).  This week, it was just things to annoy me (senior homeroom, missed senior seminars, that EMU woman who came to “guide” us, among others).

I’m especially pissed I missed senior seminars.  I can’t wait until I get out of this damn house, provide myself through college and live the rest of my life alone.  I’ll probably end up having to stay here though, since I’d save money but…I’d like to get out of here asap.

’nuff said.

Home, sweet Hell.

3 thoughts on “Friday the 13th D&D Part III

  1. Yay for D&D! You should have written about Friday the 20th. Ya it was fun. Sorry your week went poorly. Well I liked Les Mis too. I have seen it 2 times now and my sister has seen it 3 times. Well, ttyl!
    Lord Freeman

  2. well, when you fill out applications for colleges some require (actually most require) an essay about a fictional character, some kind of work, an personal experience, or a person in your life that has influenced you. some ask “why doyou want to go to (insert name of college)”


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