Senior Trip

The Good
+ The bus ride to and from D.C. wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
+ Lunch on the first day wasn’t too bad.  Especially when we trying to KO the birds with carrots.
+ Going to the Native American Museum and buying this really cool rattler that wards off evil spirits (though it looks more like a satanic wand).
+ Seeing monkeys and reptiles at the National Zoo.
+ Paying $4 for food and getting extra.
+ Getting Batman, Batman Begins, and Ozzy’s Diary of a Madman for about $20.  Maybe I should start buying things used?
+ Watching TV while the rest of the class was ice-skating.
+ Pizza Hut!
+ Getting back to the hotel in time to watch the new South Park.
+ The World War II/Korean/Lincoln Memorials (and getting a WWII vet badge for my dead grandfathers).
+ The FDR Memorial.
+ Having one of the coolest outfits at the dinner theatre (John’s Blue Brothers outfit was good, Matt had a weatherman’s coat, and a bunch of people liked what I wore, so I’m content).
+ CATS (Rum Tum Tugger and awesome maneuvers).
+ The Holocaust Museum.

The Bad
– We were late to just about everything (why do we the students need to be prompt and meet deadlines if the bus drivers themselves can’t?).
– Lunch, on the other days, was horribly expensive.  Didn’t help matters that we ate…a lot.
– The Cathedral tour.  Going to a service would’ve been more exciting.
– The Dinner Theatre’s food and service (chicken was too marinated for my taste, and they seemed to rush me while I was eating.  I’ll take my time, thank you very much.  You’ll be here all night anyway, and getting a 15% tip from me so leave me alone!).
–  CATS (weird is good, but they mispronounced a bunch of stuff.  Its “jellicle cat” not “gelical cat,” “angelical cat,” or “gelatin cat”).
– The “mall” we ate lunch at on the third day.  It had, maybe, five stores…

The Ugly
– Waiting outside the Supreme Court for over an hour, just so I could sit in on a three minute hearing.  Yeah, that’s not a waste of time or anything.
– Security at the Supreme Court.
– I hate pictures and people who try to take pictures of me for no clear, logical reason.
– Paying $150 for class dues, and realizing they went to this rundown, slummy hotel that was run by thieves (Gabe left some spare change on a counter on the morning of the second day, then he came back that afternoon and it was gone, and our room just so happened to be cleaned up…).
– The tour through the Capitol building.
– The tour guide herself (she pissed me off).
– Security at the Capitol building (according to the awful tour guide woman, being interested in the tour makes me a terrorist).
– That one woman and man we listened to in the Methodist building on the third day (just because they were idiots.  Gun violence?  Our crime rate is at its lowest point in thirty years.  Even so, taking away guns won’t stop crime.  Nothing will.  People should only seek to lower it.  Taking away guns won’t do that, we’ll have the Prohibition thing all over again, only with guns this time.  Violence doesn’t solve anything?  That’s wishful thinking.  Violence has solved more problems throughout history than anything else.  I wonder how these people look at the crucifixion of Christ…  If violence doesn’t solve anything, then I guess Christ being nailed to a cross did nothing for the rest of mankind.  And don’t get me started on what they said about the Iranian leader…).
– Security at the Holocaust Museum (I actually lost my patience with this guy.  He heard a few choice words from me and we’ll leave it at that).


I had fun, but it wasn’t the great, memorable experience I was told it would be.  No thumbs up or down.  I’m right in the middle on this one.  I could’ve stayed at school for three days, and the class wouldn’t have missed me (regardless of people telling me otherwise).  Oh well…I went for the Holocaust Museum, the only reason that kept me from not going.  The Holocaust Museum was a worthwhile expierence, but I had to wait two days for it.  Almost makes me wonder if it was worth it…

I needed someone I can trust.  I had to settle for you.

2 thoughts on “Senior Trip

  1. That sounds fairly fun. Well Junior day out wasn’t too bad, because the Nerd Herd just went around hitting each other with braches and using them as swords. The planned events fell apart completely which was good. Over all I had a good week at school. D&D on the 13th!
    Lord Freeman

  2. wow you had an early class trip.
    sad you didnt have an immense amount of fun.
    i’ve noticed that the world is more chaotic than peaceful (which i wish would be true..the peaceful part) because everyone is always bound to be late for something. there is always something that HAS to be done and by a certain time. theres always deadlines and obligations and barely room to just breathe sometimes. and we’re stuck in the middle of that time where fun is allowed, but with all the other crap we need to get done [aka COLLEGEFUNTIME!!not] sometimes its hard to juggle the time.
    adulthood looks very lame and boring and filled with the demand to pump coffee into their systems to be awake.

    i am so negative today i’m sorry


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