I like how people keep lamenting about how there’s only a week of summer left.  It gets real annoying, real fast.  Just shut up and enjoy the rest of your summer.  I rarely use optimistic advice, but instead of looking at the situation in a negative sense, try looking at things on a more positive note.  School sucks, and I’m not looking forward to going back (even if it is for the last time), but I’m not going to let that interfere with my enjoyment of summer.  Stop complaining, and go do something productive…like read a book.  After all, there’s only a week left.  Use it wisely.

Speaking of senior year, I’m convinced it’ll just be another year of high school.  The only difference is that its the last year.  Back to School Night is this Sunday, and I don’t plan on going.  I just remember walking around the school with people I hadn’t seen all summer.  That’s something I can do on my first day back.

And I’m going to stop ranting about school and go enjoy what’s left of my last summer.

Pain can be controlled, you just disconnect it.

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  1. haha yeahh caro & I sent you a post card from the blackgorest region of Germany –didnt you just looooooove our happy redocoration of the native customs!?:) muahah….cya sunday night! hope the rest of ur summre is spectaularicious (whoo new word)rach


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