Year Two

I have come full circle…again.  A little older, a little wiser, and two years of posting crap people occasionally read.  Well, here’s to another 365 days of postage…and so begins Year Three.  Usually, I’d reflect on the past year but when I think of something notable, there’s really not that much to say.  Driving?  Sucks.  EMHS?  Not the great school I once thought.  Junior year?  Not as hard as people say.  Banquet?  Overrated.  Summer?  Its been the same as any other.

Not much to say, at all.

In spite of everything you have done for them, eventually they will hate you.

One thought on “Year Two

  1. Sometimes I don’t get why people say “no, you’re wrong” to ideas.
    Because your idea is an opinion, and you are entitled to it, so them saying that you wrong is an opinion itself…so it doesn’t make sense for them to bash yours if you cant disagree with them either. its only fair.
    i think what i said just now is more confusing than i meant for it to be.
    i meant gross outside as in 98 degree weather with humitity making it feel 107…no lie. Today was disgusting. But i work in an ac’d office so its good.


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