When people in the DNR Forum aren’t talking about gangs, gays or homeless people (or gangs comprised of homeless gays) roaming the streets of Park View on a Friday night/Saturday morning, the paper can be a decent source of news.

Take the whole “home school vs. public school debate” that’s raging right now.  Allison Farmer wrote a rant titled “Public Schooling Is Best“.  With a title like that, I’m in disagreement already.  There’s no one educational system that appeals to everyone.  Each system has its own advantages.  Public school happens to be the cheapest and offers more ways to socialize (although, personal bias, only a cynical man would call what public school students have as “lives”).  Home schooling allows options for parents who wish to provide their kids an education they feel is unattainable at public, or even private, schools.  Private schools vary, but are mostly a balance (more social opportunities than home school, but doesn’t compete with public school, etc.).

Anyway, her rant quickly lost my interest.  “I don’t understand homeschooling and am against it entirely,” is the sum of her writings.  That doesn’t seem very logical.  People usually research a topic they don’t understand if they want to get a better understanding of that topic.  Hell, she could have at least looked at Wikipedia.  Nope, “I don’t understand something, yet am going to attempt to argue against it” logic won this round.  I can see her logic applied to other areas of life…  Example: “I don’t know how God works and am against Him entirely.”

All bashing aside, people are forgetting what is really important here.  What’s really important here is that kids these days have a future, no matter where they attend the school.  As long as the kids have a future that ends up perfecting society, I’ll be fine.

One other thing bothers me about the issue of home school, and that’s people saying how home schooled students lose out on socialization in a public environment.  Critics should note that socialization in public school is more like training in how to mindlessly follow those more popular than yourself and how to ridicule those who are different.  Home school encourages several traits, such as self-assurance and courage.  These are several traits that public school struggles in teaching.

Oh, and 9/11 conspiracy theorists, you can shut up now.

The truth is out, the lies are old
But you don’t want to know

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