Behold…my D&D world.

And yes, its supposed to look exactly like Europe.  This world is actually my old DM’s world.  When I asked him about the similarity, he told me he didn’t want to put up with drawing up continents and having to worry about everything making geographical sense.  He also told me that he was curious how D&D would have worked in our world.

Anyway, I’ll think instead of posting adventures (and I could, being how they are truly legendary), I’ll post some information on the world for my players (and whoever else cares to read).

Y’see, my players woke up on a beach under the care of an Elven warrior.  They were victims of a shipwreck, unaware of who they are and where they had come from.  A case of amnesia, if you will.  They are totally oblivious to the world around them, they are merely drones going from one town to the next helping out a cleric’s church against a crusade on the cult.  What church is this?  What’s the big deal with the crusade?  Why don’t they remember anything?

Granted, this was how I wanted things to play out.  They are victims of amnesia, and they haven’t taken the time to learn about the world around them.  Thus, they are role-playing the “mindless drone” quite well.  Still, there will come a time where the party will get their memory back.  They’ll finally find out their old identity, their old personality.  Have the recent adventures changed that?  We’ll see.

Oh, and they’ll finally be able to fit themselves in a world they’ll have some knowledge about now.

I’ll attempt to post information about countries, organizations, important people (read: NPCs) every day.  For today, though, I’ll post what I gave my PCs at the end of last session (wasn’t the complete thing, but here it is).  Its a way for a player to fully develop their character before the campaign/adventure begins.  Now, this was a special case, as my PCs were under the influence of amnesia and had no idea who they are.  They had been memory-wiped like a Star Wars droids.  Unlike droids, memories can return, and this allows the player to make those memories.

While there’s stuff for the players to answer (appearance, origin, etc.), there’s things I have to do too (insertion).

Gender – Easily answered.
Race – Another easily answered question.
Class – Your character’s class.  I usually like to know how a player’s character acquired that class.  For example, if a player decides to be a ranger…  How did that character become a ranger?  Did he/she spend time under the tutelage of another, more experience ranger?  Did the character live out in the wild for a prolonged period of time? etc.
Appearance – What your character looks like.  To quote,”
Elf female is not an appearance. A green eyed elven female with shiny brown hair and a stout build for her race, wearing a deep purple hooded cloak and the brown leather work outfits common to most northern villages IS an appearance.”
Origin – Your character needs to come from somewhere, or have a distinct reason for why he does not know where he came from.
Background – Where you came from is not everything about you. Why are you still not there? What are your relation to that area? What, if any, adventuring career have you already had? Where are your parents and family? Do you have any friends?
Insertion – Each character MUST have a reason for being where they are in the campaign world. This is much harder with a larger group or even a small group with major regional or ethnic difference (i.e., a Halfling from the Southling Swamp, a Human Monk from the far north land of Ishgar, an elf from Syvanistad in the east, and a northland half-orc barbarian originate thousands of miles from each other).
Motivations – Why is your character adventuring?
Goals – What does your character want to accomplish? (these last two are super important for DMs to know. If you want your character to be a Paladin out doing good while seeking to avenge the death of his father at the hands of the Blackguard who murdered him, you have a motivation that will help the DM build story and adventures. If you let your DM know that you hope for your character to slowly grow more obsessed with revenge, rather that vengeance, you DM can plan for your eventual goal of becoming a Blackguard yourself and timing it with the eventual slaying of your father’s murderer.
Personality – How will your character relate with other characters? Chipper? Gloomy? Moody? Morose? Happy? Energetic? Lethargic? etc.

All praise should go to this DM for that wonderful survey.

I won’t leave my players too empty-handed, though.  So here’s my synopsis of what’s going on in the world…

“Year 932 of the Common Era (CE)

A time of unrest grips the realm of Utopia.  While the debate between the Pantheon and Kings/Queens of the nations rages on over who should govern the populace, another Elf has claimed lordship of the country of D’ourden.

Xavon Dasald is the latest ruler to try his luck at governing the ill-fated land of D’ourden.  Many speculate his fate will be similar to his many predecessors (Ascalon and his sons, Myshia, Lilrain), and are expecting the worst.  Another realm-shattering war seems imminent.

And speaking of Ascalon, reports of people missing and turning up as dead sacrifices are grabbing headlines.  The Daemon Legion has resurfaced, but why are they emulating their dead lord’s practice?  This revivification of a cult thought dead has led the Church of Pelor to declare a holy crusade against the Legion.  The Church’s combat arm, the Eternal Fire, hopes to stamp out Ascalon’s evil presence once and for all.

The Eternal Fire found one of the cult’s strongholds in the mountains of Metanoia, land of the Gnomes.  A fierce battle ends with the stronghold being set aflame, but not before the clergy find three prisoners:  a Dwarf Ranger, a Halfling Bard, and a Human Warlock.  Any attempts of waking them fail, but the prisoners are not dead.  It is agreed to take the prisoners to the Church of Pelor in Rome, a religious haven.

Of course, things don’t always turn out so great.  The ship wrecks and the most of the crew goes down to the bottom of the sea.  The prisoners, however, are lucky enough to wash up on the sandy shores of Sardinia.  They awaken to the sight of each other, and an Elven warrior…”

3 thoughts on “Excelsior!

  1. You Master Coby are a genius. Well this was an amazing post. I look forward to reading more. On mine i am going to post reviews about actors i hate. Some being Ben Affleck, Uma Thurman, Joaquin Phoenix, Adam Sandler, and several others.
    Lord Freeman

  2. wow i actually never thought of it. and like the way you look at it. i hate being confused and this summer has brought much confusion :o) buuuut anyways, is your summer going well?


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