Decoding the Da Vinci Code Part I

First off, let me clarify that before this week, I did not care about The Da Vinci Code.  I originally intended to go see See No Evil.  However, I was reminded an EAR was due for world history.  The category I needed was D, which would involve watching and reviewing a movie.  Well, EARs generally involve current events.  What’s a movie that is in current events?  The Da Vinci Code!  So I got the bright idea to tell Mr. Elwood about my idea…

He wasn’t too thrilled, mainly because he doesn’t endorse the movie.  This is because of the false claims the movie/novel makes.  These claims include the Holy Grail not being a chalice, but Mary Magdeline.  She carried the bloodline of Jesus, the bloodline that would become the Merovingian dynasty of French kings.  As stated before, these claims are pure fiction.  Matter of fact, a little research can dispel these theories.  That hasn’t stopped them from appearing, however.

Now Elwood didn’t endorse the movie because it would skewer a person’s perspective on Christianity.  So I got to thinking…

…If a person’s opinion on a religion can be changed watching a two hour movie based on fiction…that’s really sad.  See, if the majority of Americans are Christians, then chances are the majority of the movie-going public is Christian too.  If the average American Christian can have their view on their beliefs changed, it really says a lot about faith today.

It is as if the majority of American Christians are just “Sunday Christians”.  I shouldn’t really have to explain what a Sunday Christian is.  We all know at least one.  Anyway, Sunday Christians are people who will attend Church on Sundays, but don’t necessarily act Christian outside of Sunday morning.  Even with that said, what people constitute as “Christian” varies wildly, thanks to denominations.

Anyway, another thing I was wondering about was if all the Christian protests will end up backfiring.  Personally, Elwood’s comments only evoked my curiosity.  If his opinion got me interested in the movie, I can only wonder how some people are acting with the Vatican labeling everything in the book is blasphemous.  To the average American, would it look like the Church is hiding something?  In short, the way the Church is protesting the movie, does it appear that the Church is hiding a dark secret?  People would go see the movie just because the Church doesn’t want them to see it.

Still, I can see where Elwood is coming from (ask him for his full opinion, since I didn’t cover it all here). If he doesn’t want to support the movie, that’s fine.  As long as he doesn’t condemn me for watching the movie, we’ll be okay.

I’ve written more, but I’ll save the rest for when I go see the movie.

Deliver us to evil
Deny us of our faith

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