Fried Brains

Brought to you by the AP world history exam!

Step 1:  Prepare the brain!
In order to enjoy the stewed brain at its finest, one must first prepare the brain.  Preparation begins with going over repetitive directions for at least half an hour.  This prepares the brain for seasoning and step 2.

Step 2:  Fry the brain!
Break the brain into strips (like bacon!) and have them sizzled on a “70 question multiple-choice” pan for 55 minutes.  Remember to turn the strips over every now and then, so that one side is burnt and the other isn’t.

Step 3:  Barbeque the brain!
When the brain strips turn brown, get them out of the pan and allow the strips to cool off for five minutes.  Then place the strips on a DBQ-sponsored grill.  Only DBQ-sponsored grills can be used for the fried brains recipe.  Any other grill will have the brains burnt.

Anyway, place the brain strips on the grill as it heats up.  DBQ grills take ten-fifteen minutes to heat up so be patient.  Anyway, once the grill heats up, so does the cooking.  The brains often catch fire here, so have a fire extinguisher handy.  Don’t worry about brains being obliterated because…

Step 4:  Add water!
Not just any water, though.  I’m talking “change over time essay” water.  Just douse the brains in this special water and allow them to sit for 40 minutes until the brains reach a nice, brownish complexion.  Now, the brains are ready to eat!  Feel free to add salt or serve the brains with any appetizers.

Mmm…delicious.  Bon appetit, kids!

All not-so-hilarious things aside, it wasn’t that bad.  I could go in depth about it, but I went in not caring, and I came out not caring.  And that’s all I got to say about that.

Good cookin’, that’s Chef Boyardee!

5 thoughts on “Fried Brains

  1. blegah!!! I was SO close to taking that test (even though i couldnt have anyways, cuz of my track meet i guess and all)……..but chicken??? I like chicken!?!??!
    though preferably not of the brain variety

  2. Yah I just started a few months ago, and I’m still not that good. I hope to get better. cya around

  3. I am back in the Xanga business! I actually wrote an entry in! Yesterday was good. D&D went well, and you got a lot of excercise walking to Food Lion.


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