New Release

Those crazy al-Quaida are at it again.

Its been awhile since we’ve heard from our old pal, Osama bin
Laden.  The wacky terrorist group used to poop out home movies at
a faster rate than Hollywood could crap summer “blockbusters”.
Then they faded away…  Well, I thought we had killed the lot but
with the latest audio tape, I suppose not.

Osama is actually asking for a peace
plan now since we Americans are “merchants of war.”  He’d rather
see the billions of dollars being spent on the Iraq war be used to
rebuild Afghanistan and Iraq.    There’s only one
problem, he’s forgetting why we went into Afghanistan.  Its funny,
though.  He expects the United States to negotiate a peace plan
with the man who orchestrated 9/11?  The United States has a
reputation with not negotiating with terrorists anyway.

Then the man proceeds to threaten us.  “The proof of that is the explosions you have seen in
the capitals of European nations.  The delay in similar
operations happening in America has not been because of failure to
break through your security measures. The operations are under
preparation and you will see them in your homes the minute they are
through (with preparations), with God’s permission.”

Funny.  I thought Allah was a compassionate
deity (since Muslims believe he is the same deity to Abraham, same
deity worshipped by Jews and Christians, although in different
manners).  There are three possibilities here:  If Allah
supposedly gives permission to “conduct terrorist operations”, then he
is not the same G-d worshipped by Abraham (since he isn’t a
compassionate, benevolent G-d).  If Allah doesn’t give permission,
then bin Laden is just spewing empty threats.  If Allah doesn’t
give permission, but bin Laden bombs America anyway, then I can only
estimate that bin Laden is breaking some religious moral code in Islam.

We don’t negotiate with terrorists, and it wouldn’t matter if we
did.  This tape was made back in the Islamic month that
corresponded with December.  So this tape is now being shown, and
the tape is a month old.  The United States just recently bombed
Pakistan.  I’m thinking even if we do negotiate a peace plan,
Osama will stab us in the back since we bombed a neutral country.

The only thing I agree with Osama on is the idea the United States
should pull out of world affairs.  That would be my primary goal
if I ever decided to run for President.  Why are we a
superpower?  Because no one else in the world can do crap for each
other.  The European nations were too devastated after World Wars I
and II, Russia is in economic pain, and the Middle-East nations only
fight over their “Holy lands.”  Since we’re the only ones who can
actually, y’know, lend a hand
to someone other than a fellow American, the world hates us.  We
don’t have to help out the world, Congress and the President decide
to.  The American people can vote in people who want to be
isolated too, so don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

How can I afford to be so right?  Well, look at the League of
Nations.  The League was a predecessor to the United Nations, only
the United States didn’t join (all other early 20th century superpowers
were in the League) and the League was made up of a bunch of
wusses.  Hell, the failure of the League of Nations is one of the
reasons World War II started.  The League didn’t try to stop
Hitler or Mussolini or the rise of Fascism.

The obvious failure led to the creation of the United Nations, with us
as the predominant force. We provide about 22-25% of United Nations
funding, which is the regular budget ceiling.  We are the only
nation that meets that ceiling.  How about instead of having the
United States look out for everyone, the world should step up and look
after themselves too.

Rumor has it China will be the next superpower?  Good, let
them.  Let someone else be blamed for world affairs for a change.

United, united, united we stand

United we never shall fall

2 thoughts on “New Release

  1. Call me crazy…… but I don’t think the Quran ever mentions that to be pure, one must crash a plane into a building. But maybe I just missed that part eh? ;)Anyway…… Make sure you check my pics of Zach’s dreads. They’re like……… woah.

  2. Man, Bin Laden really gets on my nerves. But the Spanish people bug me even worse. Lets think: they get attacked by terrorists, then, because of the attack, they vote in a new anti-american government who pulls their troops out of Iraq (not that I condone Iraq). Gee, they just did exactly what the terrorists who bombed their city wanted them to do. Now, if you were a terrorist, and you got such great results, wouldn’t you do the same thing again? Man, that bugs me. If you give in, it will only encourage them.


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