Gamespot and Reviews

So Gamespot is getting some flak from it’s review of Half-Life 2.  Well, I think it got just what it deserved.

It all started with San Andreas back in October.  It got a 9.6, which wasn’t expected.  San Andreas is a really good game, but a lot of people complained about the score being too high for a game that was full of frame-rate issues, low quality graphics (everything’s like orange…), and rehashed the same gameplay that’s been in GTA III and Vice City.  San Andreas added a whole bunch of new things (like ability to improve targeting, work out, eat, etc.) so Gamespot didn’t give in to the gameplay issues.

Next up, Halo 2.  It scored a 9.4.  This immediately attracted a horde of GTA San Andreas fanboys to say they’re game was better.  Much flaming going on.  Anyway, since it had bad single-player campaign, and the controls were unchanged from the original, Gamespot still gave in to the little tweaks.  This game was also reviewed by the infamous Greg Kasavan, who is extremely unpopular amongst Gamespot users, especially since his Doom 3 review.

Now according to the review, Half-Life 2 is a lot like Half-Life in terms of gameplay.  I wouldn’t change a winning formula but the numerous little tweaks to the gameplay have caused each review Gamespot has dished out to go down.  Snake Eater might get a 9.0 next.  It’s crazy.  Check out the review here

As for me, if it’s above a 8.9, be happy with it.  9.0 to 9.9 on Gamespot means “Superb.”  That’s pretty damn good, especially since it’s really fuggin’ hard to get that from Gamespot.  I trust a combination of Gamespot, IGN, and Game Revolution.  IGN is a bit too soft on games, but GR and Gamespot are just right for me.  I wasn’t too hyped about Halo 2 so I’m not disappointed in a 9.4 review.  Besides, it’s one person or group’s opinion…  Just play the game yourself and formulate your own opinion.  Kids these days…


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